Chris Henry

About Me

I am a graduate seeking a PhD position in computer vision and deep learning. I completed my ME degree in IT Convergence Engineering at the Pattern Recognition & Machine Learning Lab under the supervision of Prof. Sang-Woong Lee. During my Masters, I worked on several projects which were selected for publication.

My current research interests include object recognition, image matting, and deep learning. Particularly, I am interested in image or video forgery detection based on deep learning. State-of-the-art technologies like deepfake can have a profoundly negative impact on our society. Therefore, appropriate technology must be developed to differentiate between real and fake.


Standardized Tests

GRE: 314/340 (161 quant, 153 verbal, & 4 AWA)
TOEFL: 105/120


ME in IT Convergence Engineering, 2019

Gachon University, South Korea
Advisor: Prof. Sang-Woong Lee

BE in Electronic Engineering, 2015

Hamdard University, Pakistan